Site Makeover Week

by cdwise 4. March 2014 09:54

It has been awhile since I’ve posted much primarily because I was in an accident last year that put recovery and learning to walk again to the top of my agenda. Now that I’m more or less back to normal it is time to return to adding to this site. When I started thinking about how to do that the idea of making over one old FrontPage or other at least 5 year old design a day for a week came to me.   The first redesign will be posted on this site and our facebook page on Sunday March 9 and the last one Saturday March 15.

So if you would like to have your site’s home page to be redesigned with modern HTML & CSS at no cost here is your opportunity.  Here are the rules:

  • You must request that your site be selected by posting the url to our facebook page (If you like our page it will increase your chances of being selected.) Just to be clear, the site has to be your personal, non-profit that you created the site for or your own small business. It cannot be a site for a paying client.
  • There is no guarantee that your site will be selected since choosing the site will be at our sole discretion.
  • We will make over only one page of your website.
  • You are responsible for having copyright permission to use all graphics, text and any other content on the page on the existing page we makeover.
  • While you may indicate something that particularly troubles you in the current site design how the page is redesigned is solely up to
  • You will be able to use the redesign on your site as long as you acknowledge as the designer. You are under no obligation to use the redesign.

Good luck if you choose to participate.


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