Windows 8 May 31 Preview

by cdwise 12. June 2012 20:51

Downloaded the new release of Windows 8 and installed it on my Motion C900. First thing I find out is that according to the “compatibility” checker my touch screen is not “windows 8 compatible”. So only “basic” function will be available. I figure I can live with that and sooner or later a correct driver will be available as it was with the March preview.

So I proceed with the install only to find that I have to use a Microsoft ID to complete the install. If I provide an email address that isn’t a MS “Live” address it will create one using that ID. No thank you, if I do that no access to our intranet resources. I need a local user account to do that because cloud connectivity is restricted in our company. However, I provided my MSN credentials to complete the install. First, course of action after launching Win 8 is to go to the Control Panel and under User try to figure out how to change to a local account. Not as straight forward as it should be since the most obvious choice  of credential management didn’t do what I needed to do (not a Windows domain). I did find that you could change to a local account in your personal settings. There I was warned that my systems would not sync information and that I might have to actually log into apps to use them. Fine by me since cloud apps are something we can use in my work environment.

I thought I was doing an upgrade install only to discover that everything was deleted except the new apps and somehow the Epson printer is still work. Plus it left behind a windows.old folder that does nothing but take up space since it appears you cannot revert to it. Not a happy camper with this experience.

So for now this computer is incapable of doing any productive work since Office is no longer there and the bundled apps are not anything I can actually use for real work.

From what I see they keyboard and pen input hasn’t changed since the previous CTP, which means that it still taking up over half of my screen and doesn’t even have punctuation and numbers without changing to the other keyboard view. The option to have the full 101 keyboard seems to have been removed. This renders it useless as a tablet for inputing information into web forms in landscape orientation since over half of the screen is hidden by the keyboard.

For an OS touted to be a modern mobile computing platform for tablet devices this is unacceptable.

Off to search for drivers that will at least get me a screen resolution that does not distort the text to the point is it almost unreadable.


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