Module 2 MS Expression Curriculum

by cdwise 14. January 2011 07:52

Moving on to Module 2 HTML Basics at least the PowerPoint does include common HTML elements and the critical fact that “web sites may appear differently in different browsers” Even though the browser list is still not reflecting the current browser make-up with no mention of the different rendering of IE 6, 7 & 8 or Chome/Opera while still displaying Netscape prominently.

Unfortunately, the first example given for students to copy does not include a single <p> element in the body yet shows as multiple paragraphs in the sample. In addition, as the coding lesson progress deprecated elements and attributes used solely for presentation such as <u> and <body text=”red”> are given as if they should actually be used on your web page.

Heading elements are also explained as a method of altering text size. – This is so wrong I can’t believe it is actually in a class on HTML. <u>, <body body link="#000fff vlink="#00FF00 alink="FF0000>  and other such code is taught. Even when CSS is introduced the use of font-size: 12pt and font-family with only one font listed is very bad practice. This is an actual sample of the code they use:

<body><h1>This is where the heading of the Web page might go.</h1><br>
<h2>This is where the main part of the text would go.</h2>

As is this example from the assignment as the correct way to create a web page:

<!--Student Name—>
<title>Hansel and Gretel</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mypaStyle.css" />
<img src="C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.FAMILYROOM\Desktop\S.2.7.WS_Pic.jpg" height="100" width="150" align=right alt="Our Flag"> (note the align attribute)
<h1 align=center>Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm</h1>
<h3 align=center>Student Name</h3>
<hr width=90% size=10 color="#0000FF"><br>
<p>"Hansel and Gretel" is known as a fairy tale and was written by the Brothers Grimm.</p>
(snipped remaining paragraphs & links that are outside of paragraphs with br elements) </body>

Can you believe that the above mark-up is being taught today? Ironically, while the <marquee> tag is one of those being taught the module text document brings up HTML5 in the same discussion as Encarta is given as an additional resource – with a link that leads to this page has been discontinued.

This mix of old, deprecated code and resources with the occasional reference to today’s best practices seems not only an odd mix but also one that will leave students very confused about what they should do. Besides HTML basics should be mastered before the use of web services from Module 1 are even broached.


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