IE 9 Beta

by cdwise 17. September 2010 21:02

On Weds the latest version of the new IE 9 beta was released. Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen it because you cannot install this version side by side with IE 8 so I will need to set up a VPC for testing function.

If you just want to see how your page will render in IE 9 beta and you have Expression Web 4 you can use SuperPreview remote to view your page. IE 9 is not available in the free SuperPreview for IE version at this time. (I do not know if MS has any intention of adding it or not.) Here’s this site shown in SuperPreview with IE 8 on the left and IE 9 on the right.


There is also no preconfigured VPC for IE 9 beta available at but there are Vista IE 8 vpcs available that you should be able to update to IE 9 beta. Just remember that these are time bombed for 90days after first launched but since you would be using it to test a beta browser that should be more than adequate.

Unfortunately, Adobe Browserlab hasn’t updated their browser list to include IE 9 beta (or Safari 5) yet. However, I still appreciate having Browserlabs because it includes Chrome and older versions of Firefox & Safari than I have installed on my computer. There are benefits to using multiple testing tools.


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