Arrogance & Ignorance

by cdwise 23. April 2010 04:35

I followed a link tweeted by Smashing Magazine today to be greeted with:

arrogance “You’re using old, unsafe and very slow browser, use Firefox/Chrome/Safari instead.”

Don’t you just love folks who spell out their biases so clearly?

Since IE 8 runs considerably faster than Firefox 3.x on my Windows 7 computer I don’t think the person really knows what he’s talking about. (Note I don’t know if the person behind that site is male or female so my “he” is used to include both.) Besides, I use a tablet PC and Firefox doesn’t properly register the system caret so I my input panel isn’t triggered for me to use things like forms on web pages. That’s also a problem for many assistive device users who would might want to use Firefox. So while it is on my computer and I use it regularly for testing and troubleshooting websites it isn’t my primary browser and cannot be until that issue is fixed. (Back in the early days there was an extensions that enabled pen use but the code has changed too much for the folks who created that extension to keep it functioning in FF 3.x.)

Apple has a history of creating pretty crappy software for Windows computers so Safari is only installed on my Mac. Besides it is the first browser to fall in hacking contests safari falls first and everything falls eventually in browser hacking competition

Not being a fan of Google’s privacy policies my company doesn’t allow Google apps and that includes Chrome on computers they pay for unless they are isolated in a virtual machine w/o access to material stored on the hard drive.

Ironically, the article goes on to say that the CSS 3 effect used won’t work in Firefox until 3.7 is released. So until then you need to use jQuery to get the effect in Firefox which is exactly the same way you get it to work in Internet Explorer.


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