MVP Summit

by cdwise 14. February 2010 04:49

Tomorrow I leave for the MVP Summit in Bellevue/Redmond, Washington. Where later this week along with other Expression MVPs I’ll get a chance to sit down the the Expression Web team. While there we will have a chance to discuss some of the things:

  1. Are a problem in Expression Web 3 and want to see fixed either in a service pack or at least not appear in the next version.
  2. Features that should be in Expression Web and are not.
  3. Future of Expression Web & other programs in the Expression Studio.
  4. A public beta of Expression Web 4 (after all there was one for v1 & v2 and I think many of the issues with v3 would not have been in the program when it was released last July IF there had been a public beta.)
  5. Whatever else we can think of to bring up.

If you have something to say (besides wild rants) that you would like me or one of the other attending MVPs up with the Expression Web team, let us know. I promise to raise your issues. Whether or not I’ll be able to tell you what response I get that I can’t promise to tell since like the other MVPs that are attending the MVP Summit I have an NDA (non disclosure agreement) which means I may not be able to tell you the MS response.  Even with an NDA there is a lot of things Microsoft doesn’t tell me so an answer I receive might be the exact same one you’d get asking your question on the MS forums but I will try to at least make MS aware of your feedback.

So what would you like me to discuss with Microsoft? I’ll look here for your comment or you can sent it to me on my twitter account: cdwise


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