by cdwise 28. September 2009 16:27

Most of you know that I’ve been avoiding writing in my blog while in the process of migrating this site over (I just didn’t want to have more stuff to migrate and keep in sync) but this new offer from Microsoft is worth going ahead and writing up (twice since I’ve already exported posts from here). Take a look at ScottGu’s blog

If you are a small company (even a SOHO as long as there are less than 10 folks at your company) for $100 payable when you leave the program (max participation is 3 years) you get licenses for Expression Studio 1), Expression Web (2), Visual Studio.NET Pro (not Standard), 4 cpus license for Windows Web Server, SQL Web and an ASP.NET web hosting control panel that you can use in production. (So if you want to host your own sites/colocate you have a production license for that server) plus a listing on the MS site for potential customers to find you.

Sweet deal, especially since you get support – 2 telephone support incidents, free training and what they are calling “managed newsgroups”. I’m particularly interested in that last one since to me that means there will be actual MS support personnel who are paid to respond to posts there.

Beyond the max of 10 employees of the company the only other requirement that I could find is that you have to add the url of a website you create using the products that come with WebsiteSpark within 6 months of your enrollment application being approved.

I’ve already signed up (and been approved and even have invite codes I can send out) so we’ll see what happens next.

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