Expression v3 Launch

by cdwise 11. July 2009 03:47

Somasegar is on the podium now talking about the direction and philosophy of the technical foundation of developer tools. Hearing Soma channel Ballmar with “developer, developer, developer” is strange.

Some very interesting stuff with Silverlight 3 and offline-desktop experience. Scott Guthrie says it works on both PCs and Macs. Guess I’m going to have to look at it more, possibly as a way to deliver some of my videos. Right now I use Silverlight Encoder for the Basic Website tutorial (which will be released with a new site using Expression Web 3 in the near future.) Looks like the offline experience will provide competition for Flex.

I must say that I prefer listening to Scott Guthrie over Soma, or perhaps I just prefer the more practical, less directional/philosophical approach Soma took.

Pricing for EW $149 for the full version which includes Expression Design and Expression Encoder. Full Studio $599, with Visual Studio Pro $999. Two subscriptions: Expression Studio subscription which includes all the platforms (Parallels to run it on Macs) as well as the studio and MSDN.

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