Expression Web Launch Breakout

by cdwise 11. July 2009 07:52

Ed Meadows started by showing how you can encode videos, put them in a player and insert them in your web page. I showed a few static screenshots of the process in my review but you can it the encoding on the video of this breakout session when it is released on 

Ed ended with the Photoshop import improvement before handing off to Eric Saltwell who walks through the designer/developer workflow improvements. Eric started off with the current version of SuperPreview (I do have screenshots of the new SuperPreview versionb in Expression Web in my review.)  Eric is showing using your Photoshop comp to compare with your work in progress page not just comparing how the page renders in different browsers. I must admit that I hadn’t really though of using SuperPreview that way. He segwayed to showing some PHP to render tweets in his page that he will be using in SuperPreview. The demo gods struck briefly when Eric put the php include snippet in twice for his twitter feed <g> which showed up with previewed in the testing server. To show speed things up when you have dynamic content such as the twitter feed mentioned Eric demoed snapshot mode to see how you could speed up previewing. (Not quite sure I followed this one so you and I may both want to review the video when it appears.) Eric then went on to show what most people will use SuperPreview for – cross browser testing. The version that ships with Expression Web includes support for locally installed browsers like Firefox and whatever version of IE you have installed, plus IE 6.

The next bit that Eric talks about is the entire rewrite of FTP publishing adding support for sFTP and FTPS for secure publishing. The result is that the speed issues are gone and there is now multi-thread FTP connections for faster publishing. If you hosting does not support multiple FTP upload threads you can set the threads used down to one if necessary.

What wasn’t mentioned is the integration with Team Foundation Server. The update to use it is available on the web so why wasn’t it mentioned during the presentations,.

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