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by cdwise 23. June 2009 01:32

I got my invite today for the Expression Studio v3 launch in San Francisco July 10, 2009. Yes, I will be going and intend to have laptop or at least iPhone busy during the launch presentations, maybe both. So you will be able to follow what I have to say as they are showing the new stuff on Twitter ( ) and a more detailed set of impressions and info here even if it takes a little longer to get posted (but will be posted as soon as possible since I do have cellular internet in this tablet.)SilverlightExpression3_Invite_b_v2

I’m looking forward to seeing the what’s new and hopefully improved.

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Nigel Stevens
Nigel Stevens
7/6/2009 4:00:06 AM #

Hi Cheryl
Do you know if it will include some horizontal drop-down menus? They seem tedious to make in EW2.
Best wishes,

7/6/2009 5:21:48 AM #

The file in our media section includes the free Project 7 CSS Express menus along with how to use it in Expression Web. Don't use the javascript behaviors in Expression Web, they are not accessible nor are they well behaved cross browser.

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