Bad Website Advice from FOX News

by cdwise 11. March 2009 00:03

Unlike it said last week on FOX news:

"Programs like Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Expression let you edit HTML without actually knowing it." 090304_my_tech_guy_learn_make_webpage

You can't create a website, at least not a functioning, attractive website with any of the programs listed above without actually learning some of the basics of HTML and even more importantly the completely omitted CSS. FrontPage is the only one that even attempted to claim that you could and it is no longer made by Microsoft. The last version released was 2003. In Internet terms that is ancient.

Both Dreamweaver and Expression Web are professional level tools. While each can be used by beginners most beginners will find themselves quickly frustrated with either program since they were written with a certain level of knowledge and skill expected of the user. Using the "Page Tutor" tutorial linked will not equip you to use either of them.

The article is correct in a few things:

  • Sometimes a website can actually help you to find a job, but only if the website your create is done in a competent manner. That means it works not just in the browser you use but also in those that a possible employer uses. Better yet, it also works on their mobile device.
  • The ability to update or otherwise maintain a website's contents is a valuable skill even for those who are not professional web designer/developers.
  • Truest thing in the article are bolded in the following quote:
  • By slowly reading the tutorials and playing around with the web editor and photo program, you can quickly learn how to build and edit quality web pages, but you have to have patience and the desire to learn.

Get a good web editor remotely and use tutorials written for that editor. Do not use the Page Tutor material. While it does explain some terms the methods described are form the 1990s. Instead skip over that first link and go straight to the W3Schools link. While you are there, don't stop at the HTML tutorials or better yet the XHTML Tutorials but continue on to the CSS tutorials otherwise instead of helping you what you learn could hurt you when it comes to job hunting.


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