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by cdwise 4. November 2008 01:37

Which as I  love my Motion tablet I got a new convertible table last Friday. I am spent much longer setting it up than I had expected. if you are curious about why I am replacing my beloved Motion tablet with a Lenovo x200 the answer is simple: Adobe CS 4 master Collection. Motion to save weight uses 1.8" hard drives which is not available in a large enough capacity for me to use Creative Master Suite 4.

Normally I can set up a new computer in a couple of hours but this time has been different. There are several reasons for the longer set-up time. First, I usually reformat any new computer and start from scratch. This time because I am using a 64 but version of Vista  I started by upgrading from Vista Business 64 to Vista Ultimate 64. I would have ordered my Lenovo x200 tablet with Vista Ultimate 64 but Lenovo of offered Ultimate pre-installed in the 32 bit version.

One thing I discovered that many, if not most, of the pre-installed Lenovo specific 64 bit drivers were replaced by older generic 64 bit drivers during the "upgrade". I found this very annoying, especially considering that upgrading takes much longer than a clean install, sigh.

Fortunately there was relatively few pre-installed programs to uninstall. The only one I have uninstalled so for is the trial version of Office 2007 since  I have an enterprise license for Office 2007. The MacAfee trial was not pre-installed just available for install if desired, a much better option.

I now have the essential programs installed: Office 2007, Adobe CS4 Master Suite and Expression Web. Remaining to install are Camtasia, SnagIt and a bunch of smaller special purpose programs like WS-FTP Pro.

Now that my x200 is ready for use I will be able to start comparing the two. One thing I know already is that I will be using the Cross tables pens I first bought for use with my Toshiba m200 with this x200. The pen that came with my Motion tablet has such a pleasant feel that the Cross pens were regulated to my desk drawer. However, battery life is better on the x2oo and it runs cooler. Both I suspect are due to processor improvements since I purchased my Motion. I must admit that the decision to replace my Motion with this x200 was a hard one since I really do prefer the Motion in many ways, sigh.



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