by cdwise 24. October 2008 21:28

No, in this case I'm not talking about the sort of vision one need to create a great web page but the everyday what you see out of your eyes. Almost 20 years ago I had surgery on my eyes which was one of greatest changes in my life. Before the surgery I would get massive headaches if I wasn't wearing contact lenses because the vision in my eyes was too far apart. The left eye prescription was -8.5 in contacts while the right was -4.25. To put those numbers in perspective my "good" eye was approximately 20/400 and legally blind is 20/200. With contact lenses my vision was correctable to roughly 20/30 however with glasses about the best I could get was 20/50 and usually had a nasty headache due to the differences between the lenses on each side of the glasses.

After surgery I had 20/25 in my good eye and 20/30 in the "bad" one. Everything was great for many years but eye surgery doesn't prevent your eyes from aging naturally as mine have.  My eyes have somewhat reversed themselves so that what was "good" eye now is significantly less sharp than the other" so the headaches have been coming back. My eye surgeon is that my eyes are healthy and a good candidate for a "touch-up" and there have been quite a few advances in the last 20 years. So unlike 20 years ago when I return home later today while my eyes will be somewhat light sensitive I won't have a patch over my eyes and should be able to see better than when I walk in for the surgery in approximately two hours. Also, unlike last time where reading or using a computer was restricted for a week I am only "banned" from using a computer for 36 hours. I may actually try to go the whole weekend without using the computer so see you next week.



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