Blogging Tools for Mac?

by cdwise 17. August 2008 23:17

Like most professional front-end web developers I have both Mac and Windows computers around. Lately I've been taking with several others about Windows Live Writer which I totally adore. I love the way I can use it offline, add images, videos, and a whole bunchof other stuff to my blog. Then tag it, spell check and sent it up to either my WordPress or my Community Server based blog. 

Others use it with Windows Live spaces, SharePoint based blogs, Movable Type, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, PBlogs, MetaWeblog API and other blogs that support RSD (Really Simple Discoverability).

While I have Windows installed on my Mac via Parallels, I was wondering if there was a Mac equivalent to Windows Live Writer, preferably like Live Writer a free tool.

So tell me what is the best tool for creating posts when not connected to the net to upload once connected when using a Mac?


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