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Expression Web 4 (paid and free versions)

Video Based tutorials

  • Basic Website using Expression Web 2, this tutorial is available for download so you can work along with it using the asset.zip file. There are a few interface changes between version 1/2 and version 3/4 of Expression Web. Other than the need to use the Site > New Site menu option to create your new site the process is the same in Expression Web 3 & 4.
  • Using External Styelsheets in this tutorial we show you how to move your head section styles to an external stylesheet for use on all your site's pages.
  • Creating a Font Family Group while this tutorial uses Expression Web 2 the process is the same in all versions of Expression Web.
  • Creating a New Site from MS Template this is an Expression Web 1-2 video tutorial. If you are using Expression Web 3 or 4 you must start with Site > New Site instead of File > New > Web site


All Versions of Expression Web

Earlier Versions of Expression Web

  • EW1 & 2 Customizing the Workpace while this tutorial uses Expression Web 1 the process is the same in all versions.
  • EW 1 Fixing the Funny Characters - how to remove the three Greek looking characters that may appear in some browsers and on php pages created with Expression Web 1.
  • EW 1: Using Design Time Includes while Expression Web 1 supported Design Time Includes there was no button or menu item that would allow you to use them easily. This tutorial shows you how to create a code snippet to trigger the dialog box for adding using Design Time Includes. While you can use the code snippet method in all version of Expression Web you MUST use it in version 1.
  • EW 1-3: Creating a Code Snippet remained the same in versions 1-3 but version 4 improved the experience by adding a code snippet panel for ease of organization and use.
  • EW 1 & 2 Configuring a Default Editor for opening a file from Folder List

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