To view a sample page for each template use the thumbnail image. From the sample page you may download a zip file with all the files required to create the sample page from the included DWT including images and stylesheet.

To download the zip file without first previewing the home page for each template use the template name in the left column..

Newest Templates

With Google announcing that it will start penalizing sites that aren't "mobile friendly". For many that means moving to a responsive site so I've added Simple Responsive. This is actualy pretty easy to achieve if you don’t care about older browsers, in this case anything older than say IE 9+ or any other browser released in the last 3-4 years.


rally-event websiteTeam Clueless - a rally or other event template

This is the first responsive design template available on this site as a free download. How the CSS works to make it responsive is discussed within the template. There are two stylesheets that comprise the basic site with a media query serving devices with a viewport smaller than 480px the small-device.css file to them as well. Forms were a bit trickier to get to behave consistently in the way which required a head section @media for the registration page.

There is no forms processing with this template since you will probably want to collect registration fees and for that you'll need either a merchant account or a third party service like PayPal or Google Checkout. Download the updated team-clueless.zip (185.80 kb) (fixes an issue with an errant style in the original zip and consistent file extensions.)


boy scout templateBoy Scouts USA
On various forums, mail lists and other groups I participate in websites for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other youth groups are a common subject that volunteer webmasters seek help with. Since I have two boys I’ve found myself the webmaster for one troop or another. As a result I've put together a template that can be used or modified. NOTE: The content in this site comes primarily from the Boy Scouts of America or Golden Arrow District websites which makes content available for troops and packs. Please check that your organization has permission to use the content on your site. Download the boy-scout.zip

camp-550Camp Escalante
This site will eventually be the basis of a new basic website tutorial created with Expression Web 4. In this version there is a simple menu with directories set up for the site to grow into a multi-level more complex site with a dropdown menu which will be added in a second tutorial to be created as a next level tutorial.  Unfortunately, I cannot give you a time line for when these two tutorials will be available since these are “spare time” projects when time permits. Download the basic Camp Escalante camp.zip

550-screenBlades of Glory
I used this site in a presentation at HAL-PC’s Web Technology and Design SIG some time ago. While the basic one page version of the site without a menu or contact form has been available as an attachment to a blog post I recently completed the site by adding at menu, four additional pages including a contact form and php based processing script.  Some source files for the masthead are included in the images section. If you use them you must credit this site for the images. Download the blades.zip


Support for these tutorials will be available as always in our companion forums template section.

Over time we will be adding more Expression Web page templates to this section. Initially, the pages will be one sample page with an Expression Web DWT or Dynamic Web Template. Over time site templates with additional pages perhaps including pages with server side processing such as forms or RSS feeds will be included.

Full Site Dynamic Web Templates

These template consists of an index page, Dynamic Web Template, associated web pages complete with form pages. Some include a forms processing script.

Paradise Beach Club
Paradise Beach Club

Is for a fictitious beach club with photos of visitors who provide testimonials, a column of featured items. A sample reservation form without a processing script. Download paradise.zip

O'Bannon's Pub
O'Bannon's Pub

This template is a simple four page website with a working php contact form. To use the php form to email script you will need to change the email address to recieve the email in the script where noted. * Download Obannion.zip

Chrsitmas 2007
2007 Christmas Party

This five page website has a bonus sixth page with a Classic ASP RSVP from processing script to send the form results to the event organizer then display a confirmation message to the person submitting the form. * Download christmas.zip

* To use the form contained in these templates with some other form to email processing script change the file extension on the contact form and and confirmation page. Make sure you update the form to send it to the correct script or processing page and adjust the confirmation page as necessary for your processing script.

One Page with a Dynamic Web Templates

These template consists of an index pages, Dynamic Web Template, associated stylesheets and images.

thumbnail Reading template

Three equal height columns with separate colors for each column plus a masthead and footer. What is required to achieve full height multi-colored background makes this page more complex than other layout we may offer. One unique feature is the menu used which has a built-in notification of where you are on the site since the active page will have its menu item move to the right. Download reading.zip

thumbnail northern lights template
Northern Lights

This two equal height fluid columns that will expand or contract with the page content along with a header and a footer. All of the graphics were created with the May 2006 CTP of Expression Graphic Designer. Download Northern Lights

easter screen shot

Simple one column DWT with a horizontal menu that sits between the masthead and the main content section. Download Easter

Simple templates without graphics:

Sometimes graphics can distract from the basic structure of a web page so I've added four basic layouts below with simple color differences and no menus.

single column template
Single centered column with masthead, main content and footer. This DWT is sized in ems so that it will scale with the visitor's font size. You can replace the ems
left column template
Two columns with a small left side column. This template is sized in ems. Instructions are in the template.
right column template
Two columns with a small right side column
. This template is sized in ems. Instructions
three column template
Three column layou
t with both sides height determined by the content. Instructions in the DWT to make the side columns equal height. You may also convert the dwt to a fixed with by replacing the width and margins specified with ems. If you prefer not to constrain the width so that the center column expands or contracts with the browser width remove the width from the container element.
full height columns
Two column full height-requires main content to be longer than the narrow column.

Terms of Use

All of the samples on this page are free for use on your websites but we do ask that you credit this site as the source. Any additional terms or conditions will be included in the template files.

If you wish to use one of our site templates without crediting this site you need to use the Tip Jar with a minimum of $50 for any of the templates that include a DWT, $2 minimum for simple layouts.The recoded templates that come with Expression Web require no acknowledgement.



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