EW Video: Basic Website tutorial

Basic Website Tutorial

NOTE: Due to a brain dead moment in transfering hosting the 4 part video is unavailable at this time. The download to use offline of the full tutorial still works.

screenshot of finished site

This tutorial is for Expression Web v1 and v2. While you can use this tutorial with v3 you will need to use Site > New Site to create your local site. For the most part you should not have any trouble following along with this tutorial in it. Don't forget to download the assets zip file so you can follow along.

If you prefer you can download the tutorial for use offline by right clicking on one of the links below the player and selecting "save target as" in Internet Explorer. In Firefox you may need to install an extension to download the file.

Tutorial Download Options

Downloadthe full tutorial in Windows Media Format

You may also view the tutorial online in parts  What is covered in the video:

  • Introduction
  • Setting up a local website
  • Creating page level default styles
  • Adding a page title in the masthead
  • Tweaking the masthead
  • Creating a horizontal menu from an unordered list
  • Finishing the main menu
  • Importing content from Word
  • Adding Images to your web pages
  • General editing and style tips
  • Constrain the width of the webpage
  • Importing a list from Word for a submenu
  • Workspace
  • Submenu Part 2
  • Address Element
  • Adding a Footer
  • Basic - Creating a DWT & moving styles to an external stylesheet

assets.zip (317.52 kb)

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