EW 1-2: Configuring an External Editor

How to add external editors and/or change the default editor in Expression Web

By default Expression Web will use an external editor for certain file types such as image files. Sometimes Expression Web will not choose the editor you want to use especially when there is more than one program installed on your computer for that file type. For sample my preferred editor for internet images is Fireworks but when Quicklime installed it tried to take over many image formats. Photoshop also decided to set itself as my default image editor in Windows.

Fortunately Expression Web allows you to add (or remove) programs associated with specific file extensions and choose which one should be your default.

Application Options

To configure the editor of your choice you begin by launching the Application Options dialog box.

1. Application Options is the second item from the bottom on the Tools Menu.

Double clicking will launch the Application Options dialog box. Go to the Configure Editors tab.

2. Scroll down the left column labeled “Extensions” until you see the file association you wish to edit and select it. Note some file extensions may be grouped together.

3. Next, use the file icon above the Editors box to open the browse dialog box.

4. This launches the “Open With” dialog box where each program that registered an association with that file type during its install should be listed. Select the program you wish to add then click “OK”.

As you can see I have a variety of programs to choose from but if my choice was not on that list “Browse for more...” gives you access to all available file locations.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the editors you wish to have appear on context menus have been added.

6. Finally, select the program you want for your default association (double click in Folder List) and use “Make Default”.

New Default

You can check that the new default has been set correctly by using right click on any of the file type in Folder List or in the Web Site tab and selecting “Open With”:

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