Adding Individual Page Metas to a DWT Based Page

Lately I have seen several people having trouble adding meta elements for keyword and description on individual pages attached to a Dynamic Web Template in Expression Web version 2. 

Once complaint I heard is that Expression Web puts the meta elements in a locked region of the DWT so I decided to try it for myself.

I began my test by creating a new site from the empty one page web template. The result was no problem in adding metas or editing the title using the page properties dialog on the attached page, all without once using code view.

My Steps:

  1. I then added a couple of paragraphs and saved it as a DWT.
  2. Then I wrapped one paragraph in an editable content region.
  3. Next I used File > News Create from Dynamic Web Template.
  4. In the editable region of the page created I right clicked and added a page description of " testing dwt".
  5. Checked the head section and my page description was in the doctype editable region of the page.

Note: I did not add a description in the DWT.

Adding the meta elements to the DWT will put the meta tag outside the editable region. Rightly or wrongly Expression Web assumes that when you add the meta to the DWT you want the meta elements the same throughout the site. If you do not put it in the DWT then you can add them individuals on a page by page basis using the Page Properties dialog.

FWIW, since each page should have its own keywords and description related only to the content of that specific page so you have to go page by page anyway. A "site wide" default is useless for SEO optimization. As you have probably heard many times content is king and for more important than keywords.

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Keywords are usually ignored by search engines for the most put because of inappropriate keyword stuffing. Descriptions are of some limited use since that text may be displayed by search engines under certain circumstances.

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