Expression Web 3 Review

by cdwise 11. July 2009 01:58

My review is longer than I want to put in a blog post so it is on the main part of this site at Another review by Ian Haynes is at

You can follow my twitter feed on what I see a the launch during the rest of the day at

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Expression Web | v3

Expression Web Add-ons and v3

by cdwise 10. June 2009 12:11

Looks like some information is on what is in Expression Web v3 is beginning to appear.

If you use some of the few Expression Web add-ons you may not want to upgrade to Expression Web v3 when it comes out according to Steve Guttman as quoted in the Expression Web team blog:

This means that a lot of things that worked before won’t work under the new unified UI framework, this can affect quite a few things when the coding of the program itself has to be changed. As Steve states at the end of his comment not everything will be ported into Expression Web 3.0 for this version. It also certainly means that none of the current Expression Web addons will work in EW 3.0 either.

So to my mind, if you like the CURRENT features of Expression Web 2.0 you should upgrade NOW. Since the SuperPreview will also be available as a standalone FREE version, you won’t be missing out on that particular new feature.

So the question becomes will you gain more than you lose with the move to a “unified UI framework”?

Other links regarding Expression Studio v3 you might be interested in:

If you use Team Foundation Server here is what you will need to do to have it work with Expression Studio v3 Does this mean that you will now be able to have versioning and check-in/check-out for those working in teams with Visual Studio users?

Silverlight tools and debugging in Expression Web

Wonder what else we will find out before the July 10, 2009 release date?

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Expression Web | v3

Adobe Browser Lab

by cdwise 3. June 2009 15:33

Browser testing – BrowserLab from Adobe vs SuperPreview from Microsoft.

Today Adobe released their beta of BrowserLab which lets you preview a wider variety of browsers than the current beta version of SuperPreview (small images are linked to full size ones):

Previews are generated via a service which means you can preview on different operating system

  • Firefox 2.0 – Windows XP
  • Firefox 3.0 – Windows XP
  • IE 6 – Windows XP
  • IE 7 – Windows XP
  • Safari – OS X
  • Firefox 2.0 – OS X
  • Firefox 3.0 – OS X

The benefit of using a service like BrowserLab over a locally run instance like SuperPreview does is that you can also see the color differences between OS X and Windows. Enlarge the image on the left and you will see significant differences in how the colors render. Both BrowserLabs and SuperPreview offer an overlay mode that lets you see how positioning maybe different between each of the browsers you are testing.

Looking at IE 6 (XP) and Safari (OS X) shows you just how quirky IE 6 can be.

What I would really like to see is the ability to test out more than a static browser view. See how rollovers work (or not). It will be interesting to see how these tools develop.

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