PowerPoint & the Web

by cdwise 12. February 2009 03:24

Today the question of using PowerPoint on your website come up in regards to Expression Web. Let me give a word of warning don't put PowerPoint on the web using PowerPoint's save as html.

So how should you put your PowerPoint presentation on the web?

The answer is - -it depends. (Funny how often that is the answer, isn't it?)

lf your Power Point is a Simple slide show take a look at the University of Illinois Office Accessibly Wizard

Otherwise I use Camtasia  which is also what I use for the video tutorials on this site.

If fantasia is of of your price range or the only they you need is PowerPoint to Flash you might find Swish Presenter fills your needs especially since I can offer a 20% discount code good until Feb. 27th use "EOJRL82958" when you checkout. Good for any purchase at Swishzone  not just SwishPresenter I their Flash , pogroms are much easier for beginners than Adobe Flash.)

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Web Design & Development Books

by cdwise 11. February 2009 00:01

SitePoint offers some really good books on web design and web development (both front-end and back-end). For a limited time they are offering buy 5 SitePoint books for price of 1 ($29.95) and EVERY $$ goes to victims of the Australian bush fires: http://sale.sitepoint.com/

Design related books I might suggest:

Development related books:

If you are new to the world of freelancing or are doing a few projects "on the side" you might also find their business related books useful as well.

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Web Design

Business Credibility

by cdwise 25. January 2009 09:07

Today I went out on a ride with my scooter group and at lunch we were talking about Obama being the first US President to have a laptop and carry a Blackberry (or other smart phone). This conversation detoured over to business credibility when one of our ride leader mentioned that at work she used to question how "legitimate" a business was when then didn't have a FAX number. Now whenever they have an order form a new client the first thing she does is go look at their website. If she couldn't find a website under the business name she questioned whether or not they were a "real" business.

She went on to say that just last week she was questioning whether to do business a new client because when she went to their site and started clicking around she found pages with [insert your content here] and/or filler text. The conversation opened to as others in the group  started talking about what it was about a business website that made them not want to do business with the company. There were six of us sitting around the table and only the ride leader knew I work on websites professionally so it was an interesting conversation for me to listen. Each of the others agreed with the ride leader that a website with content that didn't relate to the site or was clearly default template text was a company they would not want to do business with. Another chimed in with "old" content that was dated 2003-6 that didn't look like it had ever been updated was another red flag for him. The conversation continued with others adding variations on the theme of no content or lack of updated content making them question how viable the business represented was but the only other point discussed was business address that didn't include the business name in the domain. Nobody found business @gmail.com, @ aol.com or @msn/live/hotmail.com as anything other than a warning that the company may not be a real business.

All in all it was an interesting conversation for a web professional to sit back and listen to without trying to direct the conversation. If nothing else, it reinforced for me what I tell my book readers, students and clients:

  1. Content is credibility.
  2. You can't do business from free hosting or email accounts if you want to be taken seriously.

Towards the end I did ask what was important to then in deciding whether to do business with a company or not when they looked at a company's website. Each of the other five at the table said - content that was relevant, easy to find and evidence that the site was maintained with regular updates. The site itself could be very simple even just a single page but had to be maintained.

With the current economic climate, it is good to know what it is that makes a favorable or unfavorable impression on your potential customers.

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by cdwise 17. December 2008 00:12

As you all know I've been to MIX every year since the first one (that means I've attended 3 MIX events).  MIX  will be held March 18-20, 2009 in Las Vegas. There is a special early bird discount but only for the first 200 people to use the code MIXspecial1.

Over on Channel 9 MS says:

We're offering discounted MIX09 conference passes at $795 USD (that’s over 40% off the full price) to the first 200 people to register.  To take advantage of this offer, go to registration and select the "Register for the event using an RSVP Code" option.  Enter the RSVP code MIXspecial1 to receive your discounted conference pass.  This is a real, live, bona fide MIX09 conference pass that allows you access to keynotes, sessions, the party, the food, the lounges and much more!

I'm hoping to see you there.

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JQuery - Adobe & Microsoft Integration

by cdwise 10. December 2008 07:44

Last month at Adobe MAX I saw how Adobe has added the ability to access and use JavaScript libraries (most prominently JQuery and YUI). The new ability in Dreamweaver CS 4 to freeze a web page in any state to see what classes and events are triggered is awesome.

Today, I'm sitting of the Westin Galleria in Houston (love local events) at Microsoft Developer Conference present on using JQuery. One of the most interesting things Rod Paddock had to say is that Microsoft will provide support for JQuery used withASP.NET. with ASP.NET. (PDC Lite) watching Rod show calling JQuery in ASP'NETshows just how far Microsoft is going in supporting open source libraries and making it easier to use non Microsoft tools.

I love having third party libraries supported. I sure hope the Expression we ton is going to follow suit and improve the extensibility of Expression Web in the next version.

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