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by cdwise 15. September 2010 02:01

If you have the Expression Web 4 version of SuperPreview it has been updated to add support for Safari 5 (Mac) so now you can choose either Safari 4 or Safari 5 for previewing through the  cloud.

I just used it to check and could see no differences between the Safari (either version) and IE 8 that aren’t attributable to  the fact that I’m logged in automatically with IE 8 locally and not with remote preview so the login panel is open in Safari & not in IE 8.

Now that they have updated Safari’s remote preview options maybe they’ll add some other browser. I’d like to see IE 9 beta, Firefox 4 and Chrome. What would you like to see added?


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by cdwise 13. July 2009 01:42

Today I was reading the articles related to the Expression Studio launch last Friday. So far my favorite is from InfoWorld:

Expression 3 features the $599 Expression Studio 3 suite, with  tools including Expression Blend, for interactive design and including SketchFlow; Expression Web, for Web design and supporting CSS and the soon-to-be-discontinued XHTML standard; Expression Encoder, for video encoding; and Expression Design, for illustration and design.

I love the “soon-to-be-discontinued” part in regard to XHTL. Realistically there is no browser support for HTML 5 and will not be decent support for a number of years assuming that InfoWorld is correct and it will be published as a recommendation (what we loosely call a standard is actually just a published recommendation) by September 2010.

Heck, the XHTML 1.0 was published Jan. 26, 2000 and last revised Aug. 1, 2002 has only received decent support by the browsers used by the majority of web users in the last year or two. Even with the push for web standards support in browser I really don’t see decent enough support by in use browser for at least 5 years. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see support sooner since there are some very nice features in it and CSS 3 that I wou

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ld love to use but not until until the recommendation is actually finalized AND there is browser support in more than just an experimental form (as there is in Firefox 3.5 currently.)


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WaSP Curriculm

by cdwise 18. March 2009 02:22

Playing catch-up and the first thing that caught my eye in the #SWSX twitter was the announcement of a new curriculum from the good folks at the Web Standards Project I took a quick look and though it was worth posting about before I continued reading mail, tweets, and other stuff I follow published in the last four days I’ve been offline.

Expect a few more blog posts and tweets over the next couple of days as I catch up on what I missed at South by Southwest and what is going on at MIX. This will be the first year I’ve missed MIX but it is just as well that things didn’t work out for me to be able to attend since it would have been rather jarring to go from my grandmother’s funeral (98 – she had a long full life so no need for condolences) directly to Las Vegas.

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MS Expression Forums & Safari

by cdwise 23. October 2008 01:27

Okay, I know there aren't that many people using a Mac in the MS Expression Web forum but there are a few who are using Expression Web using Parallels, VMware Fusion or Bootcamp, and there certainly must be a fair number of Mac users in the Expression Media section since it is the only program in the suite that comes in a Mac native version but there really is no excuse for tread previewing not to work in Safari.

Like most good front-end web developers and designer I test my sites on the major browsers on both a Mac and  a PC. I'm sitting here typing on my MacBook and went to check this forum only to discover that the thread preview arrow doesn't work in Safari.

Come on Microsoft, as the company that sells one of the most popular applications for the Mac (Office for Mac) doesn't make their forum software fully Mac compatible, especially when one of the programs the forum supports is a Mac native program? Especially, when the primary selling point of Expression Web and Silverlight is that they are cross platform web standard.

While you are at it how about:

Improving the speed of the forum?

Fixing login issues, where you type a reply hit submit and get logged out (okay it is only occasionally but it should never happen.)

Add the ability to do everything in the Ajax preview/reply that you can do if you open separate threads to reply.

Fix the "notify" option so it actually notifies you to changes to the thread selected AND doesn't cause the submit button to fail 50% of the time.

Speaking of submit button failures when notify of changes is selected, why does that cause the post to appear not to post or even throw an error that says it was not submitted yet result in multiple posts of the same response?

I could go on about the problems with the Expression Web forums but I think I'll stop now beyond asking why in the world Microsoft changed the url so that it now starts with "social" 

When I want to be social I call friends, go out to dance, to a pub, to dinner, out for a spin on my Vespa or if I want to be social on the web I'll go over to Twitter [] or Facebook or one of the other social networks and check in with friends across the net. I won't go to a technical forum, sigh. 

 Update: after running software update on my MacBook the dropdowns are now working. I also cleared my browser cache. Worder if this is another Forum-javascript-cacke issue or if the probelm will depend on which version of Safari you are running on your Mac?


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