TechEd Developers 2008

by cdwise 12. May 2008 07:06

I will be at TechEd again this year. Like last year I will he working in -the MVP booth. For a change I am going to actually try and use some of the sorrel networking tools so here is my TechEd connect card.

Join Me at Tech·Ed Connect!

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New Expression Web Tutorial Series released

by cdwise 10. May 2008 05:25

While I have had bits and pieces of the Expression Web Basic tutorial series up on the site (under Media) they are now officially linked on the site's tutorial page. It took me some time to figure out the best compression ratio to file size and the right number of key frames to make sure you can see the parts that I am working on without too much jumping around.

If you prefer there is also an iPod version you can download of each of the tutorials. Whichever you chose if you plan on working along with the tutorial you should download the zip file that contains all the assets used in the site and the completed project.

Like the sample sites and page layouts we provide on by-expression you may use the basic layouts and DWTs but I would request that you switch out the images for your own graphics since they probably won't fit your site anyway. ;-)

If you do use one of our sample templates I'd like to see what you did with it so drop us a note.

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Expression Web | Training

Expression Design

by cdwise 9. May 2008 00:32

Okay I normally limit my posting to Expression Web, general web design-development or Dreamweaver but thought I'd mention some graphic topics for a change.

First, the Expression Design team has started putty tutorials -video blogs in then blog at

Next, I see people asking how attach text to a path. Since Fireworks is the image program I use most I found this tutorial worthwhile

Finally, something I find myself needing to to is remove backgrounds from images. This is the best tutorial I know of for using Fireworks to remove the background


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