by cdwise 24. October 2008 21:28

No, in this case I'm not talking about the sort of vision one need to create a great web page but the everyday what you see out of your eyes. Almost 20 years ago I had surgery on my eyes which was one of greatest changes in my life. Before the surgery I would get massive headaches if I wasn't wearing contact lenses because the vision in my eyes was too far apart. The left eye prescription was -8.5 in contacts while the right was -4.25. To put those numbers in perspective my "good" eye was approximately 20/400 and legally blind is 20/200. With contact lenses my vision was correctable to roughly 20/30 however with glasses about the best I could get was 20/50 and usually had a nasty headache due to the differences between the lenses on each side of the glasses.

After surgery I had 20/25 in my good eye and 20/30 in the "bad" one. Everything was great for many years but eye surgery doesn't prevent your eyes from aging naturally as mine have.  My eyes have somewhat reversed themselves so that what was "good" eye now is significantly less sharp than the other" so the headaches have been coming back. My eye surgeon is that my eyes are healthy and a good candidate for a "touch-up" and there have been quite a few advances in the last 20 years. So unlike 20 years ago when I return home later today while my eyes will be somewhat light sensitive I won't have a patch over my eyes and should be able to see better than when I walk in for the surgery in approximately two hours. Also, unlike last time where reading or using a computer was restricted for a week I am only "banned" from using a computer for 36 hours. I may actually try to go the whole weekend without using the computer so see you next week.



Hurricane Ike

by cdwise 18. September 2008 23:23

Many of you know I live in the Houston metro area. As of today we ore still without power and internet. We do have generator and sometimes I can get a cellular data connection. Many towers were damaged so that isn't quite as easy to get or normal since voice is getting priority over data on the cellular connections.

My husband has been walking around our neighborhood with a camera so I have used one of the default galleries from Project Seven to quickly parts them up at  if you are interested. Despite the Number of 40 foot plus trees down remarkably few houses were hit but it has taken a toll on own power lines.

We have been been lucky with the weather since Ike has passed with lows around 60 and highs around 80, may to continue until the power is back on throughout the area.

BTW, if you are wondering how I posted this and the galleries sans power my local Starbucks has power and they have opened their internet connection for free use.

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CassieRae made my day

by cdwise 29. July 2008 05:36

I've recently had to make a couple of changes to some of the tutorials we offer here on because of bandwidth overage charges and I have to admit that I was wondering if it was worth the time and expense to create and make them available since there hasn't been much feedback on them.

Today I was skimming though the official Microsoft forums for Expression Web and came across a post by CassieRae that made my day. So I just wanted to say thank you back to CassieRae.

Now I'll take a moment to answer CassieRae's question on how applicable my Expression Web book is to the new version of Expression Web released a year after my book.

First, there are three types of new features in Expression Web 2 that were not in the original Expression Web.

  1. Insert media  - this lets you insert Flash, Silverlight and Windows Media on your web pages created in Expression Web without having to write code or use swfobject (the most frequently recommended method of inserting Flash that works in IE without triggering the 'click to activate' message.)
  2. Insert picture > Adobe Photoshop - lets you bring in psd images with layers from Photoshop. I will admit that I have not actually tried this new feature because my web images are all created as layered pngs in Fireworks. When I get Photoshop files from clients I bring them into Fireworks to prepare and optimize for the web.
  3. Support for PHP - In the original version of Expression Web there was no support for PHP and what I consider to be a nasty bug actively caused problems with PHP includes and other PHP pages causing Greek characters to appear on the page. Not only has Expression Web version two solved the BOM - PHP issue but it has added support for inserting some of the most commonly used PHP script elements. It also allows you to preview your PHP pages in the Cassini web server that ships with Expression Web simply by installing PHP on your computer without the need to install and configure IIS or Apache. See Introducing PHP Support in Expression Web 2 for more details.

When I have a chance I'll add some content on each of the above topics to the secure portion of the book's website (don't forget to get the updated chapter 3 files if you have the first printing, and the credentials for accessing the secure section are printed in the book.)

The bugs discussed in the book that were resolved are the BOM and FTP userid/password issues. Though there is an issue with Expression Web and FTP with IIS 7 running on Windows Server 2008. When you go to publish via FPT on IIS 7 your user name will have a | in it and Expression Web sees that as an illegal character.

I'll add more info as I get a chance either here or on the book site.

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Testing Community Server Blogging

by cdwise 28. April 2008 12:17

 I haven't tried using the Community Server blog feature since I was very happy with the WordPress install on our old site. However, since we are doing a major transition with our site I thought I'd try it out. Until I decide what to do with my blog it I will be primarily updating this blog with an archive of my old blog posts at Hopefully, the tool that will let me migrate all my old posts over here will become available and that url will be nothing but an archive site.



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