Redesign–Day 7

by cdwise 15. March 2014 19:29

Okay, I initially said we weren’t going to do any WordPress themes but after consideration and looking at some of the sites submitted I decided to show how a few simple changes to a Wordpress preinstalled template can personalize a site.

Site is:

Which uses the twentyeleven theme. As submitted it looked like


By uploading a custom image for the header it already looks different:


But that sure takes up a lot of space so scrolling down from where uploaded the image to where it says Header Text and uncheck the option to display it:

clip_image001 Results in:


Finally, by adding the following CSS to a custom stylesheet:

.custom-background {
    background: rgb(249,249,251);
/* Old browsers */
    background: linear-gradient(45deg,rgba(249,249,251,1) 0%,rgba(215,214,219,1)
19%,rgba(249,249,251,1) 49%,rgba(215,214,219,1) 87%,rgba(249,249,251,1) 100%); } #page { box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #A7A7A9; }

We get a nice drop shadow effect on the page with a diagonal gradient background, all done with CSS :


Not including the time to create or edit the image used you have a custom look in less than 10 minutes.


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Black Friday & Macs

by cdwise 28. November 2008 23:19

I saw on the news today that Apple stores were having an unprecedented  "sales event" not a sale according to the report I saw but a special event. I'm not sure what the difference is when there is a short term price drop of around $100 on Macs and $10-30 on iPods, do you?

If you already have a Mac or are going to get one at this special event and would like Office Mac 2008 for it INDEZINE through Friday, Nov. 28 2008 you can get Office 2008 for half price. It isn't often that I post some special price on hardware or software here but this one caught my eye. I know quite a few people like me that have both Macs and PCs but often don't have the same software on each computer so I though I'd pass it along.

According to the article you can purchase Office Mac half off at, Best Buy and Apple stores.

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Crossover Mac

by cdwise 28. October 2008 23:41

The folks over at promised if gas prices dropped below $2.79 in their metro area they would give away their software for free for one day.

Well, today is the day so if you have a Mac or a Linux machine you world like to run windows programs or games on without installing Windows in a dual boot or critical machine go to and download Your choice of Crossover Mac or Crossover Linux. You can also get the version that lets you play games.

I got my copy for my MacBook Thank you for your law duck over!

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Blogging Tools for Mac?

by cdwise 17. August 2008 23:17

Like most professional front-end web developers I have both Mac and Windows computers around. Lately I've been taking with several others about Windows Live Writer which I totally adore. I love the way I can use it offline, add images, videos, and a whole bunchof other stuff to my blog. Then tag it, spell check and sent it up to either my WordPress or my Community Server based blog. 

Others use it with Windows Live spaces, SharePoint based blogs, Movable Type, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, PBlogs, MetaWeblog API and other blogs that support RSD (Really Simple Discoverability).

While I have Windows installed on my Mac via Parallels, I was wondering if there was a Mac equivalent to Windows Live Writer, preferably like Live Writer a free tool.

So tell me what is the best tool for creating posts when not connected to the net to upload once connected when using a Mac?


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