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by cdwise 1. May 2009 08:42

I’m considering pulling all of the free tutorials on this site since most of the comments I’m getting are complaints about downloading.

I’ve had a few comments posted on my tutorials, primarily the Building a Basic Website in Expression Web tutorial that indicate some people have had problems with viewing or downloading the tutorials. The latest ones have been quite rude and frankly, I don’t appreciate comments like “get a real host”.

So  I’m going to make a few comments of my own:

The tutorials are large – 1:20 minutes for the full version (122.7mb) and 18-30 minutes for each of the four parts if you go that route. Unless you are on a really fast connection expect it to take a few minutes to start. Heck, I’m on a 20mps connection and find that load time varies for me between 30 seconds and 3 minutes before the video will start to play after clicking the play arrow.

The full tutorial has been viewed over 12,000 and downloaded almost 1,700 times. That’s a lot of bandwidth.

Bandwidth is expensive and after months of overages bills ranging up to $130 a month I decided that I could not afford to provide unlimited bandwidth. As a result if there isn’t enough bandwidth available when you go to view or download.

Over the three years I’ve been offering  free tutorials on I have received exactly 3 contributions from people who appreciated the material enough to make a contribution. That’s a grand total of less than $100.

If you want the video and it won’t work for you tell you what, I’ll burn it to DVD and send it to you for $79.95 – that’s $20 less than what Total Training charges for their “Essentials” CD.


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Canadian & Want Expression Web

by cdwise 8. April 2009 21:24

I was recently sent an offer where Canadians initiated in Expression Web can get it for $0 from Angie Lim at Microsoft Canada:

It is for a free Exclusive Web Solutions Toolkit consisting of: a free copy of Microsoft’s Expression Web 2 software (retail $299 CDN), three part web development webcast training, hosting offers and more just by joining Microsoft’s Web Solution Community for free. Registering takes a few minutes and allows partners to access sales, marketing and training resources right at their fingertips all for free. I would be more than happy to help anyone with this process if need be.

You can access the Web Resource Kit page at:

Angie says this offer is good until April 30, 2009.

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April Live Meeting- Menus

by cdwise 3. April 2009 08:10

The next webcast we will be sponsoring will be on CSS Based Menus

When: Thursday, April 23, 2009

Start Time: Thursday, Apr 23, 2009 10:30 AM CDT
End Time: Thursday, Apr 23, 2009 11:30 AM CDT

Attendee URL:

More information will be posted later this month, We are hoping to be able to record this meeting and have it as a tutorial on our site.

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Webcasts You Should Watch

by cdwise 27. March 2009 23:42

After yesterday's Livemeeting fiasco I was looking at some of the links we talked about once we did got the meeting room open and discovered some sessions from Miles Swanson's blog I wanted to highlight. (Mike no longer has the list on his by - it was move to ) The titles link 8 the online webcast. To download in your preferred format of Windows Media, Zuni, iTunes (mp4), or the Power Pont slits use the videos.visitmix link.

What else?

There are probably a dozen different presentations on Silverlight and ASP.NET so I’m not going to single out any others here since you can easily find them for yourself.

I am going to be putting each of those (except the Expression Web one which I’ve already seen twice) on my iPod  along with the Deep Zoom one. What about you?

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MIX Livemeeting-Revisited

by cdwise 27. March 2009 01:46

Due to technical difficulties that prevented people for getting in when the meeting was scheduled to start we are going to try again next Tuesday to discuss SuperPreview, what was shown at MIX 09 and other items of interest.

Since one of the events we tried to discuss was the IE 8 Firestarter event today I'm including urls of the places and events we talked about today.

Firestarter - IE 8 online event with presenters on compatibility, testing and other topics related to IE 8 -

Complete list of MIX 09 sessions with download links in a variety of formats from Mike Swanson (MS Evangelist) (includes ipod format - yeah)

30 Awesome Design Enhancing jQuery plug-ins

Hope we will see you next week and we won't have technical difficultes.

Start Time: Thursday, Mar 26, 2009 11:30 AM CDT new time: Tuesday, Mar 31, 2009 10:30 AM CDT

End Time: Thursday, Mar 26, 2009 12:30 PM CDT

Attendee URL:

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