Will July 10 be the date?

by cdwise 7. July 2009 03:18

Just posted by Steve Guttman in the comment thread of Soma’s blog entry on Expression Studio 3.

@Kirt Blattenberger - Yes Kirt, there will be a trial version available at (or before) retail availability. We haven't specified a release date, although there is a Silverlight/Expression themed event on the 10th.

So Expression Web 3 be released on that date or not?


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Expression v3 what is known

by cdwise 2. July 2009 10:55

Today I was reading through the comments on Soma’s blog post that I talked about earlier to see what I could glean from the responses posted by the Expression Web team and other folks at MS to see what will be in it. With Expression Studio v3 launching in just over a week it seemed like a fitting time to review. Especially since Microsoft is running a short 50% off sale on the current version for US customers (they just finished one for UK customers). Looks like Microsoft is clearing out inventory before the July 10, 2009 launch of Expression Studio 3.


Expression Web Team said:

@Ian Ringrose - SuperPreview in Expression Web (not SuperPreview for Internet Explorer) will support Firefox 3.x.

We are actively working on adding more browsers to SuperPreview, but right now we do not have any additional news to announce.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Expression Web Team


Root Relative Links

Expression Web Team said:

@Jeromey Gaudreau Balderrama - We understand that the root relative link bug is disruptive for some of our customer's workflows. Unfortunately, in Expression Web 3, this is not a bug that we fixed.

We are actively considering this issue for future service releases and hope to have better news for you in the not so distant future.

Thank you for your feedback - this kind of dialogue is very important to us and does help us align our priorities for future releases.

Expression Web Team

Keyboard Customization

Expression Web Team said:

@ALLOW CUSTOM KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS - Unfortunately Expression Web 3 does not let you create custom keyboard shortcuts, but this is something that we are receptive towards for future versions. Thank you for your input on features that are must-haves for you. We hope that you'll try our product regardless.


Expression Web Team said:

@Denny - Pricing information will be available soon. Expect for Expression Studio upgrade prices to be competitive with our current Expression Studio pricing.


Expression Web Team said:

@Dennis DeRobertis - We have not announced details just yet for our extensibility story in Expression Web 3, but work is well under way and we are very interested in working with any add-in vendors to make sure that the transition from Expression Web 2 to Expression Web 3 is as easy as possible.


Expression Web Team said:

@Roman - Expression Web 3 follows the same look and feel found throughout Expression Studio. This consistent, uniform interface is new for Expression Web 3 and does not let you change the colors in the interface.

You may find that it offers slightly less customizability than previous versions of Expression Web, at the expense of some new functionality that we have added, like a new Panel and Panel docking system.

We understand that customizability is very important to our customers, and we certainly hear loud and clear that this is something that we should invest in for future releases of Expression Web.

To all that have participated in the comments for this blog post, thank you for your feedback! We are very excited about this release. Feedback from customers definitely helps us shape future releases of Expression Web.

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Expression v3 Luanch

by cdwise 23. June 2009 01:32

I got my invite today for the Expression Studio v3 launch in San Francisco July 10, 2009. Yes, I will be going and intend to have laptop or at least iPhone busy during the launch presentations, maybe both. So you will be able to follow what I have to say as they are showing the new stuff on Twitter (http://twitter.com/cdwise ) and a more detailed set of impressions and info here even if it takes a little longer to get posted (but will be posted as soon as possible since I do have cellular internet in this tablet.)SilverlightExpression3_Invite_b_v2

I’m looking forward to seeing the what’s new and hopefully improved.

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Editor Comparison

by cdwise 16. June 2009 05:07

In just under a month Expression Web v3 will be coming out. I am thinking of doing an editor comparison between Expression Web 3 and Dreamweaver CS 4 once v3 is available. What I would like to know is what sort of things should I compare the two programs and whether or not I should include Expression Web v2 in the comparison.

What do you think?

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Call me list-nazi

by cdwise 11. June 2009 03:19

Okay, I’ll admit it when I own/moderate a web group I enforce the list rules. I’ve been on too many lists where there was no List Mom and ended up being filled with spam or dreck. If this makes me “arrogant” then so be it.

That means if you post a question to a list where I’m List Mom you need to:

  1. Be on topic – if you have  a question not directly related to the list topic but related to web design/development in general mark it with OT so that list members are alerted to the nature of the question. Keep it relevant or it moderators will shut down the thread.
  2. Use a descriptive subject line – this helps ensure that you get the attention of contributors who are knowledgeable or interested about that particular area. Do use subjects such as PHP form display issue, or Content Div not displaying, or Set a default editor for images. Don’t use “Question”, “Help”, “I’m a beginner”. This is especially important on a large or high volume list.
  3. Trim your quotes, other than the forum here at http://by-expression.com/forms every group I moderate is an email group whether on Yahoo Groups or Google Groups. On some of these there are a substantial percentage of folks using dial-up, being charged by the byte or receiving the digest version. So we ask that people be considerate and not quote everything when they reply. In addition to removing any adverts put in by say Yahoo, trim everything except what is needed to put your reply in context.
  4. Be courteous, and that means to everyone including the moderators if they make suggestions on how to improve your post. Flaming is not allowed nor is trolling. Doing either will get you banned.

Lists I own/moderate include by topic:

<moderator hat>

This is a convention used on many mail lists that I first saw years ago on one of the mail lists I belong to (I think it was css-d but I really don’t remember) that is used to distinguish a post made by a list owner or official moderator to remind people of list rules OR to call a halt to a thread that has drifted too far off topic or become abusive.

The use of this tag is meant to be a more or less gentle reminder that the list is moderated and keep the list on topic. The alternative is to either ban participants in off topic threads and/or violation of list rules, something that seems to harsh or go to a list that is a free for all. Neither of which would be good for any list in the long run.

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