New Event Template

by Administrator 22. March 2013 17:33

I put together the first template (besides the Muse example) that has a separate display for small screen devices and uploaded it today. Check it out Team Clueless Rally

team-cluelessI used a scooter rally for “Team Clueless” which is a bit of an inside joke related to the Scooter Cannonball held bi-annually where folks are  challenged to ride scooters coast to coast with vintage scoots being ride of choice by the organizers. Because of the handicap system new and particularly larger displacement scoots would have an extremely difficult time winning so an alternate no handicap, no winner alternative had been playfully suggested.

The result was “Team Clueless” so I thought I’d use that premise for the latest template. It was also inspired by the distances some folks travel to events like Amerivespa and other rallys whether they are a scooter, motorcycle or car rally.

By swapping out the images and text you can use this template for any event whether it is a one day or multi-day activity.

Web Fonts

@fontface with Google web fonts provides the display font for the masthead in order to allow for a fancier type without having to worry about what fonts are installed on the visitor’s system.


CSS 3 rounded corner and box shadows are used in various places which will give a bit more life the site in modern browsers while still displaying with square corners and no shadows in older browser.

A CSS class was used to make the images scalable on small screen.

Media queries serve an additional stylesheet to phones and other small screen devices. Higher resolution/larger screen tablets get the same experience as a desktop user. To accomplish this with the registration form a little extra trickery had to be in the head section of the page which is documented on the register.html page in the site itself.

Let us know what you think of this new template. Available for download from our Template page .


EW 4: New Tutorial Series

by Administrator 13. January 2013 23:00

I’m in the process of creating a new set of tutorials for Expression Web 4 because now that it has become a free program from Microsoft there is an influx of people who have never migrated from FrontPage (discontinued as of version FrontPage 2003)  as well as other people who are using a professional web editor.

While there will be a video on building this website:


I start a new tutorial series by creating scripts for each video. Since it may take some time to get them all recorded and edited I will be creating text based tutorials using each script and screenshots. This series will start with configuring Expression Web and creating a local site. The first 3-4 should be posted within the next day or two since they are almost ready to go.


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