by cdwise 7. October 2008 01:30

Friday and Saturday I was over in Atlanta for Webmaster Jam and today I'm sitting at the Microsoft office back home in Houston for XAMLFest. Talk about different types of events.

Last week it was all about design and front-end developement. Today it is about creating WPF/Silverlight where almost everyone in the room is a developer - specifically a dotnet developer.

True to form the morning starts off with Visual Studio and code. The second session moved into some of the vision behind WPF. I think the two might should have ben reversed but given the primarily asp.net development background of the majority the order is probably correct. Hot

One thread that was in common in both presentations was that while you can do "programmatically" using dotnet (C# or VB.net)  that in most cases it is better to use lookless controls  so that the person with graphics skills (aka a designer) can control the display. It was a pleasant change from most of the developer oriented training I have attended from Microsoft where putting presentation elements into the c# or vb.net is a given. Congratulations to Microsoft, they are starting to get it.

Sitting in a Microsoft event and seeing slides on Typography and a discussion of kerning. Scalable interfaces with portrait orientation tablet pc specifically mentioned, discussion of benefits of vector graphics with transforms and effects (brushes). I feeling slightly disoriented since this is so unlike any MS developer event I have ever attended. Amazing and vey welcoming. Gotta pay attention now and quit typing here.

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