WaSP Curriculm

by cdwise 18. March 2009 02:22

Playing catch-up and the first thing that caught my eye in the #SWSX twitter was the announcement of a new curriculum from the good folks at the Web Standards Project http://interact.webstandards.org/curriculum/ I took a quick look and though it was worth posting about before I continued reading mail, tweets, and other stuff I follow published in the last four days I’ve been offline.

Expect a few more blog posts and tweets over the next couple of days as I catch up on what I missed at South by Southwest and what is going on at MIX. This will be the first year I’ve missed MIX but it is just as well that things didn’t work out for me to be able to attend since it would have been rather jarring to go from my grandmother’s funeral (98 – she had a long full life so no need for condolences) directly to Las Vegas.

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