Microsoft Article on Migrating to Standards

by cdwise 4. October 2008 23:54

Yesterday on the Microsoft Expression Web Team Blog something that reads closer to  what I consider article or possibly a tutorial on migrating from legacy code to web standards.

I am going to start by saying I do not like blogs as a publishing media for articles and tutorials from software vendors. One reason I prefer tutorials to be in articles on a section of a site is that blog entries wd off andcan be more difficult * discover. Another reason is that typically articles include more screenshots and detailed instructions.To my mind this article starts off fairly well in explaining what a doctype in and why your should use one.

From there I find the rest of the explanations to be on the sparse almost shorthand which is would be difficult to follow for someone who is truly new to web standards, secmantic monk-up and css.

Take a look and let we know if you agree with me or not.

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Migrating from FrontPage

by cdwise 9. August 2008 03:36

I am pleased to announce that there is a new class being offered at Start to Web by FrontPage MVPs Pat Geary & Tina Clarke on migrating the website you created in FrontPage to Expression Web.

Tina and Pat have been working with people migrating their websites since the first beta of Expression Web version 1 was released. They have spent the last several months putting together material based on their experience for a class on migrating from FrontPage over to Expression Web.

Cleanup Preparations
    • Making a Cleanup Toolbar
    • Making Regular Expressions Queries
Removal Preparations
  • Check for redundant graphics
  • Removing Themes
  • Remove Shared borders and Nav bots
  • Detach DWT if you are using them
  • Replace/Insert  doctypes
  • Replace/Remove other bots
  • Clean Tables
Pages Preparation
  • Use Cleanup Toolbar
  • Run Regular Expression Queries
Revising Pages
  • Add Semantic Markup
  • Add Meta Tags 
  • Validate
  • Attach DWT
  • Add Include Menu
  • Use Site Summary

The first class will start August 30, 2008 and you can register for it now at a special introductory rate of $39.50 which is half off the regular price of the class.

Other classes being offered in the August 30, 2008 session at Start to Web include: Introduction to CSS and Introduction to Expression Web. For readers of this blog I have a coupon code worth 10% off any regular full priced class. When you go to pay for your class put in coupon code "CDWfriends" and you will automatically get 10% off.

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