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by cdwise 12. December 2008 08:11

Seems that this blog doesn't like it when I embed a skydrive file so here's the link to the PDF from yesterday's live meeting. http://cid-317cf36337e6b9dd.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/tips.PDF 

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Notes from November Live Meeting

by cdwise 25. November 2008 07:57

In case you missed it we hosted a live meeting discussion on Expression Web a couple of weeks ago. The best part of the meeting was a whiteboard discussion of Expression Web resources and add-ins.

I had attempted to record the meeting but due to technical difficulties that didn't work out so well but I was able to capture the whiteboard notes as a PDF. I thought about retyping them here but decided to attach the pdf instead.


Topics for future Live Meeting suggestions include:

  • Bugs in Expression Web
  • Shortcuts, tips & tricks for working faster and creating better pages in Expression Web
  • Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web
  • Guests from the Expression Web product team
  • How to choose a hosting company
  • Using FTP in Expression Web and third party tools for when Expression's FTP doesn't work (IIS 7, sFTP & FTPs)
  • When to use a CMS like DotNetNuke, Drupal or Joomla vs lightweight CMS like Content Seed or just a plain old static site.

We are hoping to have a monthly Live Meeting to discuss Expression Web and web design topics (including Dreamweaver and other editors). Let us know what topics you would like to see discussed.


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HAL-PC Presentation Files

by cdwise 23. July 2008 04:25

blades-thumbIf you are attending my presentation tonight at the HAL-PC Web Design SIG and would like to follow along you can download the source file bladesofglory.zip Included in the zip file are the images uses and two text files of content. One for the main section and one for the sidebar.

A not quite complete version of what we will be doing looks like the image on the right.

What remains to be added is the menu that we will create (assuming time allows).

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