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by cdwise 27. March 2009 23:42

After yesterday's Livemeeting fiasco I was looking at some of the links we talked about once we did got the meeting room open and discovered some sessions from Miles Swanson's blog I wanted to highlight. (Mike no longer has the list on his by - it was move to http://videos.visitmix.com/MIX09/All ) The titles link 8 the online webcast. To download in your preferred format of Windows Media, Zuni, iTunes (mp4), or the Power Pont slits use the videos.visitmix link.

What else?

There are probably a dozen different presentations on Silverlight and ASP.NET so I’m not going to single out any others here since you can easily find them for yourself.

I am going to be putting each of those (except the Expression Web one which I’ve already seen twice) on my iPod  along with the Deep Zoom one. What about you?

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