Moving my Blog

by cdwise 7. May 2008 00:49
Now that we have moved all the content from into the new community server 2008 based site I will be moving my blog in there as well. Sadly since there is not a good migration tool right now I will not be moving the archive over yet but all new posts will be at [...]


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Webmaster Jam 2008?

by cdwise 7. May 2008 00:11

What is it moving the Webmaster Jam Session conference to Atlanta?

Ever since the first Webmaster Jam in Dallas two years ago this has been one of my favorite conferences. Top notch speakers, a reasonable price, altogether a great conference. The only downside was the conference hotel which sucked. The conference facilities were good but the hotel itself was NOT. At the end of the conference last year there was some discussion of moving the conference to Houston or at least to a different hotel so I was anticipating (happily) a change of venue.

To my surprise when I received word today that registration was opening for WebMaster Jam 2008 the conference was moved to ATLANTA. Crap, I really liked having a good small conference that was in Texas.

In addition, last year there was a "Platinum Pass" available with extra small session content.  Every platinum pass holder I talked to last year would get a platinum pass again. Not only does that option not appear to be available this year the website itself is sketchy on details. Compare the information available about the 2008 conference with the 2007 conference Heck, there isn't even hotel information on the website.

Over the last few years I have attended quite a few conferences ranging from small intimate ones like Webmaster Jam Session and Remix Boston, the way up to the huge conferences like MIX, SXSW and TechEd (I am hoping to make it to AdobeMAX this year) and Webmaster Jam Session has been up at the top of my list of "best" conference to attend.

Sadly, I am not sure that I will be able to make it this year with the move to Atlanta and the lack of information on the site.



Expression Studio V2 Released

by cdwise 2. May 2008 06:51

Microsoft announced today that version 2 of Expression Web was released today. See for more information.

Looks like you won't be able to buy it until June 1st but you can download the 30 day trial now. From what I've seen there aren't any major differences between the beta that has been available for awhile and the release version but I haven't had a chance to test for fixes to bugs that I saw during the beta.



RIP GoLive

by cdwise 29. April 2008 03:16

According to MacWorld at  GoLive is officially a dead program. While Adobe is discontinuing development and sales of GoLive, the company will continue to support GoLive users with online tutorials and migration assistance created by usage experts. The company has also collaborated with online training service to provide tutorials for GoLive users. Adobe [...]


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Testing Community Server Blogging

by cdwise 28. April 2008 12:17

 I haven't tried using the Community Server blog feature since I was very happy with the WordPress install on our old site. However, since we are doing a major transition with our site I thought I'd try it out. Until I decide what to do with my blog it I will be primarily updating this blog with an archive of my old blog posts at Hopefully, the tool that will let me migrate all my old posts over here will become available and that url will be nothing but an archive site.



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